One day last Spring, my friend Donna called and asked if I would do the Central Florida Yorkshire Terrier Club Rescue group a favor. I said YES before I even heard what the favor was.

My husband and I moved to Kingsport, Tennessee from Florida 1 1/2 years ago but I kept my membership with the CFYTC. The rescue group in Florida had a sweet little 5 1/2 month old female Yorkie that had been surrendered because she was diagnosed with a liver shunt . The previous owner loved her very much but could not afford the surgery to keep her alive.

Nancy Douse, head of rescue, put out the word and before long a few members gave generous donations for Abby's surgery. The next step was to get her to Tennessee. This is where I came in.

The teamwork began. I immediately started preparing a place in our bedroom where she would stay. My husband drove South and Donna's husband, Rick, drove North and they met in the middle with Abby. In the meantime Nancy was making all of the arrangements with the University of Tennessee for her to be seen. She arrived in Kingsport Sunday night and was scheduled for testing Thursday morning with surgery Friday morning if testing went well.

It was hard to believe she was even sick when she first arrived. She ate l/d like it was steak (ugh!) and was very frisky and playful. By Wednesday things took a turn and she quit eating and started having tremors. Bright and early the next morning we were on our way to Knoxville with her.

We stopped at Krispy Kreme for 2 dozen fresh donuts to bribe the staff at U/T. It must have worked as they treated us like celebrities. Stephen Glass had already put me in touch with Susan Schwarten and she was waiting for us to arrive (toy in hand). Every patient there is treated very special. I met with Abby's surgeon, Dr. Mark Bohling, who explained in detail what would be done and what to expect. He took a long time with me and answered many questions. I left there knowing she couldn't have been in better hands.

The surgery was a success.


Abby's Scar After She Came Home & After a Week

I picked her up Saturday night and she was in a lot of pain the first days after surgery. I stayed with her and monitored her closely which I'm sure saved her life. She stayed in a baby crib next to my bed with a Nanny Cam over it when I was out of the room. I heard every breath she took. I took her temperature three times a day. On the 5th day at 3:00 a.m. her temp had spiked to 105.8. I called my vet at home and he met me within an hour. I took time to cool her down before I left. Once diagnosed we found out it was a pretty serious infection internally. A few days of Clavamox and Baytril and she was as good as new.

Susan and Dr. Bohling contacted me daily to check on her. They took every phone call immediately. I was terribly impressed at how much the clinic? looked like a human hospital.

From the moment she arrived, through her surgery and recovery, I wrote a daily article about her progress to the club's Yahoo group. It was called "DEAR ABBY". If I was a little late with my "Dear Abby" article the club members would call or write, panicked. It was amazing how many people got involved with the saga of Abby. She touched many hearts including mine. The teamwork getting this put together was incredible. Everything went as smooth as silk. It was meant to work out this way.

When she had fully recovered from the surgery my husband drove her back to Florida and delivered her to Nancy. She was a very brave girl with a strong will to live. She fought very hard for a second chance. She got her wish to be a normal playful little girl. She now has her "childhood" back that she missed due to her illness.

Respectfully submitted by Georgia Warren




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