I found Angel on Petfinder.com and adopted her from a small rescue group near our home in SE Florida in October 2003.  Angel was born 4/26/01 and was being used as a backyard breeder. She had two litters of pups, but all of the puppies died so the breeder turned her into the humane society. When I met Angel, she weighed all of 6 lbs and I could see every rib and her hip bones stuck out.  As I sat on the floor and spoke softly to her, she came up to me and put one paw on each side of my neck and rested her head in the crook of my neck and gave me a kiss.  That's all it took - I was totally in love!


Fast forward to 2005.  Angel began peeing in inappropriate places i.e. the back of my couch, my bed, and if I left clothes on the floor she would pee on them.  I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with a UTI.  The vet said she had crystals in her urine and put her on food to disolve the crystals.  After almost 4 weeks, there was no change.  My vet did x-rays but they were negative.  She then referred us to the Animal Emergency Referral Center and Dr. Ronald Lyman.  He did an ultrasound on Angel and found her bladder was full of stones and told me that her liver was very small and he thought she might have a liver shunt.  He asked if it would be ok to biopsy her liver when he took out the bladder stones and I agreed. She did not have a shunt but she was diagnosed with MVD.  She came through the surgery with flying colors however, the UTI had also spread to her kidneys.  It was several more weeks of different antibiotics but the UTI/bladder/kidney infection resolved.


Dr. Lyman recommended Hill's L/D for Angel.  Within the first month of being on the food Angel gained almost 3 lbs!  Not only that but she then decided she didn't like the food.  He gave me a home cooked diet that was designed by Hill's but Angel didn't like that diet either.   It was through a friend of mine who asked me if Angel was on Denosyl, Marin, Neomycin or Lactulose.  When I replied no she said I should check with her doctor.  He said yes to the Denosyl and Marin but didn't feel she needed the neomycin or lactulose.


It was while I was looking for home cooked diets for MVD dogs that I discovered the Liver Shunt & MVD Support Group. 

Angel is doing well on the Dr. Dodd's diet and her supplements, enzymes, probiotics and DMG and Hepatosupport.  Another bonus is that my whole family is eating better now because I am buying organics!



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