Boo was born on September 24, 2005 and became part of our family just before he turned twelve weeks old.
Within several days, the emergency vet visits began, and continued into the new year.

Over the course of about six weeks, Boo had several blood tests and two BATs (Bile Acid Tests).
The first test, we found out later, was a false negative. He also had x-rays, an ultrasound, etc.
Because of Boo's symptoms, he would sometimes throw up after eating and slept in an almost 'comatose'
fashion probably 22 out of the 24 hours each day) our vet strongly suspected a Liver Shunt.
He also discussed the possibility of underlying liver disease.
  To make matters even worse,
he told us Boo was cryptorchid. (Definition: A dog with both testicles that have not
descended into the scrotum upon maturity) .

By the end of January, 2006, our vet referred us to Dr. Levy of Florida Veterinary Specialists for a surgical consult.
After Dr. Levy examined Boo and reviewed all the test results, he explained what had to be done.
Needless to say, the surgery was scheduled immediately.

Dr. Levy not only fixed Boo's shunt with an Ameroid Constrictor, but did a special
neuter as his testicles had not nor would ever descend. Although near the end it was touch and go
because of Boo's blood pressure, the surgery was incredibly successful. Six weeks later his
BATs were retested and found to be well within the normal range.

Although I'll never know for sure, its quite possible because of all the sedation/testing for Boo's shunt,
that he developed CT (collapsing trachea). I noticed occasional episodes early this year, which
unfortunately over the course of the past six months have increased greatly. Originally our
vet tried Torbutrol, but as the episodes became too frequent, he's changed him to Diphenoxylate and
Chondroflex. During our last conversation this past Wednesday he mentioned a possible consult.
As I'm sure you can well imagine, I'm petrified.

Truly with all he's gone through he has a right to be fussy and cranky, yet never once has Boo
been anything but the sweetest, most loving pup.

He is truly my gift from heaven!

Honored to be Boo's Mom,
Beth Reopelle

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