Buddy's Story

About a year ago I began to get the idea of having a small dog.
I mentioned it to my family then life got busy and nothing more was said.
My sister worked at the SPCA and called me one evening, she said,
"you have got to come in and see this cute little puppy we got in!!".

So that weekend my son and I went up to see this puppy. We followed
my sister down a long hall and she stopped at a cage and pulled out
the sorriest little puppy I had ever seen...we were in love. The puppy
was a very small and skinny Yorkie. The SPCA vet examined him and said
that he was a crypt-orchid and his knee caps were popping in and out of
place but other than that he was in good health, so home he went with us.

After 2 days, he was throwing up and shaking a lot, we took him to the vet
and they said that he has low blood sugar. After a month of being at the
vets at least twice a week Buddy was diagnosed with a liver shunt. We loved
him so very much that there really was no choice, we had the corrective
surgery done. We got the call, the shunt is to big and the portal vein to small
there was no repair for poor little Buddy. We brought him home and
showered him with love and affection.

That was 4 months ago and he is thriving. He is the happiest most loving
dog. He has such a special bond with his "boy", my son, Tanner. I could
go on forever with cute stories about those two but I know there just isn't
enough time.

I would like to say that we saved Buddy from a certain death,
but I have to tell you that Buddy saved us; He taught us unconditional love
and loyalty. He taught me that love is the best medicine and that you
have to love every day like it is your last because you never know what
tomorrow will bring.

I love my little Yorkie with all of my heart, he is family.

God blessed us that day at the SPCA, he gave us the gift of a puppy
named Buddy.


I'm sorry to report that Buddy died (Crossed the Rainbow Bridge) on 12/16/2007

May the Lord watch over our little prince!

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