I love Coffee, I love Tea,
I Love CoCo and CoCo Loves ME....


My name is Kella and this page is about and dedicated to my 11 year old Yorkie, CoCo who is my life breath.          Where to begin….

I got CoCo from a friend and we have been through a lot together…  Many, many “ups” and also a few “downs”…

When CoCo was a puppy; I got sick and she was my constant and only source of support.  I was single, very, very sick, afraid, in bed most of the time and often crying... CoCo was there comforting me each and every moment. She’d lick the tears from my face and she would NOT leave my side. 

When she was less than a year old she fell from my 3rd floor deck & onto the concrete below (deck railing was 4ft high & I put 3ft of “chickenwire” up; she climbed right up and over she went).  My vet who happened to be on the corner ran down and got her and we did full body x-rays and such and miraculously ~ no internal injuries or broken bones….  It took me a long, long time to get over the guilt I felt for “being a bad parent” and “how could I have let this happen to her”…

Next came the dog-napping; yes we live in NYC and these things happen.  Long story, short; after 17 phone calls, detectives from the borough president’s office involved (no police - as they would not get involved), and $1000 later, I got my baby girl back.  The detectives were there and witnessed the incident; the “crew that dog-napped her” were caught the following week doing the same thing in Brooklyn..  This time they were arrested and prosecuted.   All I knew was I had to get my baby back, and I did. 

Then came the teeth cleaning incident; the vet’s office on the corner closed and I followed one of them and scheduled a teeth cleaning.  At 5pm when I went to pick CoCo up, she had an IV and was not breathing on her own and she was in serious condition…..  I immediately drove 45-minutes with her IV intact and to another 24-hour hospital and there she stayed in an oxygen tent for 3-days.  They had perforated her larynx and her little lungs had filled up with fluid.  Needless to say I am not with that vet anymore; but from this I found the original vet at the 24-hour hospital, who has been there since. 
          Strange; huh?

CoCo also had a torn crutiate ligament and recently was diagnosed with a Liver Shunt at 11yrs old.  I've had pet health insurance since 1998 and my premium is $77 a month but they won't pay for medical costs associated with the Liver Shunt because they say it is congenital.. Regardless; I would mortgage my home if that is what it took for me to get the best of care for her.  Nothing is too much or too far or too anything when it comes to my little girl.

I treasure her; I adore her and cannot imagine my life without her.  She will forever be my “once in a lifetime” dog.

And with that; I offer her up to be the “pet of the month” as she is my “pet of a lifetime”.

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