Ch Sparkling Blu Truly Elegant Hope  aka  “Elle”
July 3, 2011 to Jan 27, 2014

Hope to Heartbreak
This is my story:

Thirty Four years of selective breeding and showing. I fell in to the dog show world when I bought my first yorkie and soon to be first Champion. He was the Grand son of Ch Trivar’s Tycoon...

My best friend signed me up for handling classes and the rest is history.  I had a picture perfect yorkie in my mind and by breeding only what I had, mostly 1/2 brother/sister breeding, I had success in the show ring...  ALL the time I tested making sure everyone was healthy!   I always wanting to better what I had!

About 13 years ago I feel in love with one of Andrea Cooley’s boys and we had 3 litters and they produced 5 champions and 2 more pointed. Our lines just seemed to mesh.  About 6 years ago 2 half brothers were shipped to AZ from Martina Harsch, one because Andrea’s Class Attraction , AKA Trac, and the other Charkara Tiff N Tell Sweet Talking Guy, AKA Guy. Both were sired by Martina’s Ch Schoalcreek Will He Be the One, aka Woody...

I fell in love with Trac’s beautiful eyes, wonderful color and structure and knew I had to breed to him. The first litter produced 4 girls and the one I kept quickly finished her Ch and GrCh.   It was then I knew I would breed to him again...

Everyone was good and healthy and all tested perfect; never did I dream it would become a heartbreak...

I bred another girl to him and had 2 girls and 1 boy and from the beginning I knew the one for me.  Even from the very beginning "Elle" was stunning as she moved across the floor. Her coat and color was beautiful and she started winning as a puppy and finished with 4 majors.

I felt secure breeding to this dog as we were friends and friends watch out for you , right?
I had not done Elle’s BA’s as I like to do them when it is close to me breeding them, same with PRA and all around blood work.   Elle had a few little problems along the way BUT I have NEVER had or seen liver shunt, why would I suspect anything!

I have followed EVERY puppy I have ever produced and they all died very old and owners returned for another puppy. The 2 times leading up to this was when she was 4 months and she had some vomiting. I ran to the vets he check her over good , gave her a shot and by evening she was back to her old self. Next would come after her first heat when she went off her feed.  Another trip to the vets and again he assured me she would be fine and she was back to eating in a couple of days.  The last came after her next heat when she stopped eating except for potatoes, and chicken all the good stuff you spoil them with. Again I assumed she would be fine..   One night she ate a big bowl of her regular kibble and went down fast; vomiting, and having problems standing. Off to spend the day at my vets.  They did an Ultrasound, blood work etc... and he said her liver was small and oddly shaped and liver values were off the charts. 
SHE DIED 2 DAYS LATER!  The cause, Liver Shunt!

NOW this makes 2 for Trac in very limited breeding……. Now comes all the stuff I have learned since January……. His half brother Guy has produced many cases of PSS and MVD and many High BA”s! Vet records and autopsies are available if needed, along with pedigrees.  Here just for the asking.

I felt I had to bring this story out because a dog is NEVER “too pretty to be that sick”! These dogs are still being used because they produce beautiful dogs. I can’t even begin to understand that way of thinking.
There are a ton of owners out their going through this nightmare even as I write this.

                    IT HAS TO STOP!

I have lost 3 of my 4 lines and 34 yrs of blood sweat and tears
I thank God I have my CLEAN boys and 2 girls, I will continue for "Elle", BUT I will not continue this line, beautiful as they are! NOTHING is more important then my dogs health!
Please feel free to contact me. I am more than willing to help in any way possible!

Respectfully Submitted in the hopes of warning and helping others...Nancy Lonas

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