My name is "Halley", which is short for Hallelujah.  My  Mom and Dad named me that because they were so happy to have me and said I was going to be a Hallelujah blessing to them!


When I was a little Havanese pup, just home from the breeder, I didn't feel so good and my tummy hurt....but I didn't know how to tell them and since I was such an active, hyper-like puppy, my Mom didn't know I didn't feel good.

I would throw up sometimes this yellow foamy stuff when my tummy hurt.  When I was about 5 months old, the doggie dentist said I needed to have some teeth pulled (Yuck!) but they didn't do it because my blood work-up (more yuck!) showed my liver enzymes were way up! (Good, no teeth-pulling!!!). 

Then they took me to a veterinary specialist (who was very nice to me!) and did a Bile Acid Test (more of my blood used up!).  Then they did an ultrasound and then a liver biopsy (I was asleep for most of that so all I know is it went well!) 


They told my Mom I have MVD---which I found out is why I didn't feel so good and that's what made my tummy hurt.  The good news was that the MVD was not very bad!    

Mom was stressed out.....really bad! 


She got on her computer (where I camp out next to her feet) and found out about MVD and this great group called the Liver_Shunt_and-MVD_Support group.  These people helped her a lot!  Mom started giving me Pepsid AC so  I didn't throw up.  For a while, the  vet put me on anti-biotics and  lactulose (which tastes good!!).  I began to feel soooo much better.  


All my blood test began to show my ALT's coming down near normal (made my Mommy much less stressed!).  My specialty vet said I was doing soooo well (and that I was cute!) and that unless I showed some symptoms I didn't need much medicine (Yea!) and that she thought I would live a good life.                               And I do!!


Can a Liver Shunt or MVD dog be a great blessing?  My  Mom and Dad say that surely I have been a blessing, a Hallelujah, to them!  I have shown them :
1) that you can be an overcomer to problems in life, even if you are a dog, 
2) that with early diagnosis of liver problems, the liver doesn't become so    
    damaged and a doggie can have a good quality of life, and, finally,
3) that if you get good information and good support and the right foods
    and medicines, you can help your doggie to get well.


Yes, I am a blessing....a "Halley"!


Halley and her friend, Sweetie


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