Khuno's Story

Hi my name is Khuno. Iím an Alaskan Klee Kai also known as a Mini Husky. I was born on Feb 24th 2008 and Iím very special to my mommy, we even share the same Birthday. She always says I was sent to her. As a puppy I was always a picky eater and Mom noticed I would get sick after certain foods. I always felt bad when I got my puppy shots too. Then when I was about 5 months old I started having these ďepisodesĒ my mommy calls them. For a few hours I would get weak and wobbly and not really know what was going on but then I would come out of it just fine.

At first my mommy thought it was from the heat because I was out helping her in the yard but one day we were in the air conditioning and it happened. So Mom called Dr. J; heís my veterinarian. After mom explained to him what was going on he said it sounded like my blood sugar was off  and he said to bring me in for a test. I was still having an ďepisodeĒ when mom got me there so Dr. J got to see whatís going on. Well my blood sugar came back normal so Dr J said he wanted to do some tests on my liver. The test came back slightly high so they did a Bile Acid test which came back slightly high too. I donít like the Bile Acid test because I have to fast for it.

Dr J told Mom I might have a Liver Shunt and we needed to see a specialist. I donít know what that is but Mom did all kinds of research and she said I couldnít have a shunt because my BAT numbers were too low and I came through anesthesia fine.

Around this time my breeder sent Mom a story about another white AKK that has MVD. It sounded a lot like my story! Mom put me on low protein food.  I donít like the food but Iím not having episodes anymore. So the trips to the Drs started. The first one did a Doppler Ultrasound and through it he saw a very small Intrahepatic Shunt. So on to the next Dr, they said I needed a CT scan. So back on the computer Mom went and she learned that CT isnít the best test for this and if I do have an Intrahepatic Shunt thereís only two places where I could have this less invasive coiling procedure done.

And so we went on a big road trip from Illinois to University of Pennsylvania in Philladelphia. I didnít like this trip because we had to drive for a long time and then when we got there Mom left me at a Vet Hospital. Can you believe that? Well the Drs there agreed my numbers were pretty low for a shunt they wanted to repeat the ultrasound with me under anesthetic, I was awake for the first one, so there goes my belly hair again man I just grew it back!

They couldnít find a shunt but they found an area where my blood vessels were really close together; nothing else. I came through anesthesia just fine again. They wanted to do a biopsy to check for MVD but Mom didnít let them. They also said I was too skinny which I was so they told Mom to start giving me higher protein. Well Mom did and I started gaining weight but I started having problems again. So now I went back down to 18% protein and Iím doing well.

There is a lot to figure out but my momís learning and sheís always on this LS and MVD support group and I think they help her. So Iíve never had a biopsy to prove I have MVD but we know I do because of how I respond to certain things especially proteins. I take supplements and Lactulose that help my liver and  I eat 18% protein dry food.  Mommy cooks me homemade food with fish and veggies (yum yum) and Iíve been feeling really good lately. So to anybody else who has this donít worry your Mom & Dad just got to learn to manage it and youíll feel fine. I feel so good I torment my lil sister all the time. Haha!