I was born on May 2, 2005 in a puppy mill out in Oklahoma.  It was HORRID!!!!  They took me away from my Canine Mom at 8 weeks old and I was shipped to New Jersey at a Zoo that had a pet store inside.  There was a little pink sign on my crate with the wrong info.  My human Mom came to the Zoo with her Granddaughter that day and decided to look at all the puppies.  She had a Maltese girl and she was looking for a Yorkie sister for her. 

Mom let Jess hold me and rub my belly, I was LOVING it!!!

Suddenly Jess said "Grandma, what's this?"  Well I was a boy and not even supposed to have been at this place, someone mixed us up!!!  Mom and Jess fell in LOVE with me on the spot; I was so sweet and followed Mom with my eyes whenever she moved.  I know now that we were meant to be together.  From the day we went home I started getting sick (vomiting, pacing, staggering, and lethargic).  I had some good days, but mostly I just got worse.  Mom took me to three different Vets and I was on lots of different medicines, but nothing made me better. 

First they thought it was a virus, then hypoglycemia.  Mom tried to do all the right things; she finally went on the internet to look for common diseases that affected Yorkies.  There it was "LIVER SHUNT" and a lot of the symptoms fit my case.  We had been to the emergency hospital and at the Vet's for IV fluids several times already without a definite diagnosis, so Mom insisted on doing some blood work.  I wasn't gaining weight; I was only one and a half pounds at almost 5 months.  She knew in her heart what was wrong but had a hard time convincing the Vet.  When my blood results were abnormal, they finally did a bile acid test and those results were going to take 2 days. 

Well the night of the BAT's I really lost it, I went blind and had terrible seizures that wouldn't stop.  I was drenched in drool, couldn't sit still and had a lot of pain.  Mom called my human sister to come help her bring me to a different emergency hospital that was an hour away.  It was after midnight so she did a little speeding too.  They thought I was going to die that night because twice I stopped breathing on the way to the ER.  I couldn't see my Mom anymore but I know she was crying and so was my sister Kelly.  They both loved me so much that I just had to hang on.  We had called ahead so they were waiting for us when we entered; a nurse grabbed me and rushed me in the back to start treatment.  Mom and Kelly just stood there hugging each other and crying some more, now all they could do is pray for me. 

The Vets there got me stabilized and in the morning I was given more tests, blood work, x-rays and an ultrasound.  They found the shunt and also had my BAT's faxed.  It was confirmed that I needed surgery, which we scheduled right away.  The surgeon told Mom that if my liver looked suspicious he would do a biopsy.  After my surgery I was still pretty sore from the incision but I was really beginning to feel better.  I had regained my sight, Mom and Dad were overjoyed and I healed quite nicely. When I went for my follow up BAT's at 3 and 6 months post surgery they were still pretty high, but the Vet said to put me back on regular food.  Mom didn't listen because she didn't have a good feeling.  Although I had gained weight, my ears suddenly flopped down, like they did before the surgery when I was so sick.  Mom was afraid I might be getting another shunt, but on a gut feeling she called the ER hospital and asked if by any chance there had been a biopsy done with the surgery.  Sure enough it had been done but neither Mom or the Vet had been given the results. 

I was positive for HMD/MVD which means I can NEVER have high protein food and I needed other meds to keep me well.  My Mom was REALLY MAD that this oversight had occurred and she just wants everyone to know how very important it is to keep informed and don't just trust one Vet.  Get a second opinion or third and ALWAYS TRUST your instincts.


I feel very happy with my family; Mom got me a new brother recently who came from a puppy mill bust in Arkansas.  She didn't know about them before she got me, and she'd like to see them all closed down.  Little Levi Pockett is my buddy, we play and sleep together.  My sister Phoebe is the boss of us though, next to Mom.  Well that's my story and by the way in case you wondered; I'm called Kodie SAMOA because Jess thought I looked like her favorite Girl Scout cookies when I was a puppy!!! 


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