After a valiant fight
Mac Crossed  the Rainbow Bridge on February 25th, 09 

Mac's Story    


Hi everybody, (with paw waving), I would like to introduce myself, I am a Havanese and my name is Race to Mackinac 1, but please, just call me Mac.  I was born in Florida on December 16, 2005.  I  met my Mom and Dad when I was four weeks old.  My Mom  fell in love with me the minute she saw me, (I must say, I am a rather handsome and debonair type guy.)  She could not put me down but after a short visit, they had to leave me and drive two hours back to the condo, (they were here on vacation) but she tells me now that she could not quit thinking about me as my living conditions really bothered her. (Really, let me tell you, that place was a mess, poop all over the patio, house was smelly and dirty.) My Mom thinks that the breeders seemed to be interested in one thing,  raising and selling us for money.  There were many other puppies in and outside of that house too, you know what I am getting at, (wink, wink.)


I met Mom and Dad again one week later so they could give the breeders a down payment. They told my Mom they really needed the money.  Mom asked if they could take me with them right then and the owner said no problem.  (Imagine that, I was only five weeks old.)  Dad said I couldn't go with them because they didn't have anything ready for me so I had to wait one more week. 


Finally, they picked me up and we started our journey to my new home in Upper Michigan.  (I wasn't old enough to fly so we drove 25 hours in a car.)  My first day in my new home was great but the next day I didn't feel so well and didn't feel like drinking or eating and have what my Mom calls diarrhea.  I just laid around and my Mom was scared so she took me to this place called a Vet Clinic.  Well, I am not very happy now.   That lady at that Vet Clinic puts this needle in me filled with liquid, (she says I need it because I am dehydrated) and we go home.  The Vet Clinic called the next day and said I have something called  hook worm.  Well, it wasn't too bad, I got this really good tasting pink medicine and in two days I felt great. 


I am  now a  little over a year old and Mom notices that I sleep a lot and I don't eat much.  She wants me to eat so she gives me lots of great food that they eat and these really great dog treats. Well, by mid summer I don't feel very good at all, I started vomiting a couple of times a week and having occasional diarrhea.  The Vet Clinic, (Dr. Dave), tells her to give me pepto bismal.   A few weeks later it gets even worse.  Mom usually takes me to work with her every day but this one day, I didn't want to get up and when I did, I kept tilting my head to the side, Mom thought I  just wasn't feeling well and left me home with Dad hoping I would be feeling better by noon. Dad was concerned how I was acting and took me to her office and I really started tilting my head even more.   They were really scared and took me to see Dr. Dave right away. 


While Dr. Dave was talking to them I  started having a seizure.  Dr. Dave made me stay me overnight, took blood and urine from me and let me go home the next day.  Dr. Dave  sent me home with this stuff called lactulose, Denosyl and canned  L/D.   My bile acid test came back very high and I had a nasty, nasty bacterial infection.  Dr. Dave suggested I may have something called portal systemic shunt.  He suggested they take me to the University of Wisconsin Madison Vet Clinic for exploratory surgery. Mom made the appointment and I was scheduled for surgery on September 6th. 


I was feeling good on my new diet and medication but the more Mom read about my possible problem, the more nervous she got. Well, the day is finally here, I look and feel great and all the Doc's just love me.  They are feeling pretty positive that I have a singe shunt and it should be easy to correct, so, away I go, surgery time.  Mom and Dad wait at the hotel for the call. The call comes about two hours early, not good news, the Doctor tells her that I have multiple shunts and surgery to correct is not an option.  They took part of my Liver to biopsy, check me for stones and crystals, (didn't have any) and staple me shut.  Wow, it took me about 24 hours to come out of the anesthesia. I had my surgery on a Friday and they let me go home on Sunday. 


I went through some bad times off and on after my surgery, (my Mom called it quite a roller coaster ride. )  She spent lots and lots of time on the computer, (I was mad at first because she should have been playing hide and seek with me) and found this liver shunt group and joined it.  But wow, is she smart now, these people told her what to and what not to feed me and what supplements and medicine's I should be taking. ( The only thing that bothers me is that I have no privacy when I poop, my gosh, she always has to look at it and makes such a big deal when I go, go figure.)


I  have been feeling really good for over four months now.  She  tells people that if  she had not joined this group, I may not be here today.  (Phew, am I glad she found you.)  With that note, I want to tell you all, thank you so much for educating, and continuing to educate my Mom and helping her through the good times and the bad.  You will never know how much she and I appreciate, respect, and, admire you all.  Race to Mackinac 1, (but please, just call me Mac.) 

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