Polly’s Story

I found Polly on Petfinders.com in November 2005 and fell in love with her. She was a rescue puppy and weighed 2.3 lbs. when I got her.

Polly never really had any major problems until she hurt her back and was put on Rimadyl and a muscle relaxer. During the exam Doc, our Veterinarian, noticed that Polly was tender in her stomach area so she suggested doing some blood work to rule out pancreatic problems. The blood work came back and her BUN was low and this threw up a red signal.

Polly was unable to take any meds because she kept throwing up. More x-rays and more blood work showed that Polly had a small liver and her ALT was high. The vet suggested that we do a Serum Bile Acid Test and Polly’s numbers were out of sight. I thank Doc so much for thinking outside the box and finding out what was wrong with Polly since she really did not have the normal signs of a liver shunt dog.

At this time I looked on the internet to try and make some sense of this and found the Liver Shunt and MVD Support Group. This group is great and has so much information available. I learned what I needed to know before we went  to the Internist and then the Surgeon. They did an ultrasound and thought they saw a shunt but they weren't positive. Six days later Polly was scheduled for surgery. Dr. Ludwig did the surgery and found an Extrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt.

 An Ameroid Constrictor was placed on the shunt and a liver biopsy was done. Polly was hospitalized for three days. The liver biopsy came back normal.

Polly's surgery was done on 10/30 and so far she is doing great. She is not back to herself yet but everyday she gets a little better. She is eating L/D canned food and has her first follow-up bile acid test scheduled for the end of November.

Lane Baird


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