I often think of how many kittens and cats, when sick, are often misdiagnosed and many will needlessly die and so I feel it's important to share my cat Prince's Liver Shunt, PSS journey and what a story it is.

By the time Prince was about 6-7 months old, he had been ill often.  After many trips I again took him to Long Beach Animal Hospital, blood was drawn and this time his BUN came back LOW.  His primary vet Dr. Palazzolo, sent us to Advanced Veterinary Medical,  Dr. Broome in Tustin, CA for Scintigraphy imaging thinking Prince had a Liver Shunt. 

With Prince's symptoms also being similar to FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis)  Dr. Palazzolo also did a FIP PCR and sent it off to Auburn University.  The FIP PCR came back POSITIVE FOR FIP.......

For a cat owner to hear FIP is tragic, just heartbreaking,  because FIP is a horrible deadly disease.  When the FIP PCR came back positive, I/we lost all hope of surgery and we all went on FIP "Death Watch" for my dear boy Prince.

I researched FIP and found the University of Tennessee had a promising, possible new treatment Polyprenyl Immunostimulant/PI. Prince's other primary vet  Dr. Ridgeway (LBAH) ordered it for me.

The treatment came in vials and I would draw it up in a syringe and give it orally, morning and night ever other day for 15 days.

Prince though never started to fail.....As a kitten with FIP, which is a progressive disease, it is usually fatal soon after diagnosis... After multiple monthly vet appointments with blood work, Prince stayed the same and the FIP did not progress..... and it should have. After about 5-6 months we repeated the FIP PCR and it came back NEGATIVE.

However even before the FIP PCR results came back,  I went ahead and took Prince in for the Scintigraphy.   Dr. Broome clearly saw the extrahepatic shunt.

When I got over the fear of the list of complications of the Liver Shunt surgery for cats, Prince had his sugery done and it was successful, with ZERO complications.  The Liver Shunt surgery was done by Dr. Gassel at Southern California Veterinary Speciality in Irvine, CA on April 25, 2017.

What's more than amazing is Prince's Bile Acids test just before surgery was PRE MEAL 132.7 HIGH (Normal <13) ...POST MEAL 237.9 HIGH (NORMAL <30)

Three months after surgery Prince's  BILE ACIDS test was PRE MEAL <1 (Normal <13)  POST MEAL 24.4  (Normal <30) !!!!!

Today my Prince is thriving and he is a beautiful, happy cat enjoying his life ^..^ Before surgery Prince was down to just over 8 lbs but now he is a healthy 12 lbs! Prince even has his own WORLDWIDE fan club and a hash tag #princethelivershuntcat . I am also so very thankful I found the Liver Shunt Group who gave me the advice, support and knowledge I needed to make the decision to do the life saving surgery Prince needed to save his life.

Respectivvely submitted by Leslie Abrahams Gosling


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