I have been involved with Yorkie rescue for a few years now, but never fostered a pup with liver issues until I met Quinn. Quinn came into rescue during the summer of 07. I have my summers off so it was the perfect time for me to learn about and dedicate my time to a little guy with liver issues. Little did I know that he was going to steal my heart.    

His breeder had him tested as a pup due to his small size, so we were lucky to know from a young age that Quinn had liver problems. When Quinn first came to me his bile levels were slightly over 100. I immediately joined the liver chat and learned all that I could about liver disease. I was giving great information about what to feed him and what supplements to give him. A little over a month later I had him re-tested and this time his post level came back at 53, his numbers had decreased in half. During this whole time Quinn was posted on  a Yorkie rescue site looking for a new forever home with loving parents who would continue to monitor his diet and give him his supplements. While I received many nice applications for Quinn not one of them stated that they would make sure that Quinn would continue to receive the care that he needed. I was getting discouraged that I would never find that home for Quinn who would be as conscientious as I was when it came to his medical care. Even though Quinn appeared perfectly healthy (except for his small size) I knew that he would need to continue with his medical regiment if he was to lead a long and healthy life. 

One night after going through applications and emails for Quinn I looked over at him on my bed with one of my dogs sleeping together and I knew then that Quinn was home. He had known it since he walked into my house, and I think I did too.  It was the best decision I have ever made. He has brought much joy and love into my life.

Quinn continues to do very well and now almost weighs a whopping 4 lbs! He is very playful and outgoing. Quinn is proof that with the right medical care and diet that dogs with MVD can lead a normal and happy life!
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