Riggins Story

We decided to get another Yorkie when
 our beloved  Toby was 13 years old and
 had been diagnosed with Crohn
s disease.
 I had attended some local dog shows in
 the Phoenix, Arizona area and came
 across a local breeder, Charmaine
 Berglof, of Charkara Kennels that was
 showing beautiful dogs.  Unknown to me,
        her breeding
stock produced some very sick puppies.

 In November 2009, we contacted this Charmaine and she showed us a beautiful 8 month old male puppy, sired by CH Charkara Tiffntell Sweet Talkin Guy (AKA Guy). She told us she was holding on to him thinking his color would gold up more but decided he would probably not and because of his coloring she would not be able to show him.

It was love at first sight and we brought him home and called him Riggins. Toby and Riggins bonded right away and became very close to each other. Both dogs emotionally supported one another, Riggins was good for Toby who was aging and Toby was a good mentor for Riggins. Toby passed in June 2012 from complications due to Crohns disease and we have since established The Toby Peskin Projectat the University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine in his memory. The Toby Peskin Project is a clinical study, trusted with discovering solutions for canine IBD.

More information can be found at the school’s website: http://vetmed.illinois.edu/advancement/toby.html

Coming home to live with us, Riggins was sick from the start.  His first examination from our vet revealed a severe case of Coccidia and Giardia. We should have suspected something when the breeder conveniently provided us with a Mexican version of Flagyl (metronidazole), an antibiotic and told us to finish giving it to him as he had a mild case of diarrhea and would be fine.

Riggins story continues days after he was in our home. He just never acted like a little puppy should act. He never had energy; his days were full of sleeping, vomiting and diarrhea. With trips back and forth to the veterinarians, hospital stays trying this and that medication at the same time as experimenting with all types of food he still wasn't acting normal.

In 2011 our doctor suggested we take Riggins to a internal specialist at VETMED Phoenix and the testing began. More blood work was done and included, an ultrasound and an endoscopy for biopsy. In 2012 he was officially diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). Periodic flare-ups have persisted indicating additional tests were necessary.

This year, 2014 his specialist diagnosed him with MVD
( Hepatic Microvascular Dyspasia) along with the IBD.

We continue with love, medication and prescription foods, knowing there are no cures and we will continue to have good ands bad days but his love and our love outweigh the bad days and we are thankful for him in our lives.

Respectfully Submitted by Gail Houle-Peskin; Riggins' Mom

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