Roxy's Story

Roxy came to us December 31, 2003 via Delta Airlines from Wizard of Claws (this is NOT an endorsement) in Florida.

She was supposed to be here before Christmas, but after they had the $$$$ for her, we were told she had a slight cold and should not fly until their Vet gave the OK.

We were promised she was going home with “Kim” to get tender loving care for Christmas.

We picked her up New Years Eve and could tell she wasn’t feeling well. Roxy was born August 8, 2003. When we took her to our Vet she was given antibiotics, but it seemed she never could shake the cough/honking. She was on antibiotics for 3 months before she seemed to feel better. She wasn’t very socialized, but I thought it was because she was sick. She stayed in her carrier most of the time, she came out to eat and drink. She would play only at night after we got into bed. She also seemed to tremble a lot, and stare into space, but I thought that was her being not socialized.

She continued to get more loving – then came Memorial Weekend 2004. She seemed lethargic, trembling. She would not eat anything except chicken. This went on until July 4th 2004. (Six weeks of pure hell for our baby) I took her to many Vets, her blood was taken, and they did X-Rays. Our Vet thought she had an infection in her body. She was so constipated – they had to give her enemas. (It’s no wonder because all she was eating was Chicken) but the Vet’s told me to let her eat whatever I could get her to eat.

I would sleep with her at my side and she would “Shriek” in Pain. She didn’t want anyone around her but me and would bite me on occasion. I cried and was so frustrated, going to different Vets every other day. One of the girls that I work with called me one night and said she found “Terri Shumsky” a Yorkie Breeder of over 30 years on the Internet and that I should contact Terri. I did THANK GOD. Terri told me to have the Vet do the Bile Acid test. We did and Roxy’s post was 25. The Vet immediately put her on Lactulose and an antibiotic and Hills L/D food. It took @ a week for her stools to get right, but thankfully they did. We had a scintigraphy done (the Radiologist had to come from San Diego) so it took a couple of weeks. He confirmed that it was most likely MVD. They decided as long as she continued to do fine on the Meds and low protein diet, there was no reason to put her through a biopsy. Roxy has continued to thrive and become a very loving part of our family. She is still the one who likes her time alone, and is not so big on being held. Roxy does not always want a tummy rub, but when she does, she can spread them farther than anyone else.

Roxy does have a collapsing trachea also, but we are managing that as well. She is so beautiful and the best at taking walks. When Roxy goes for a walk that is what she does, head held high and prancing off, none of this smell everything and stop to pee for her, she is on a mission!

Again, Thanks to Terri Shumsky, Maria, Debbie Kinda and Stephen they were all there being so supportive when I desperately needed support and advice. I have lost both of my parents through the years, but that 6 weeks with Roxy was by far the worst time of my life. Roxy and I are Very happy that is behind us now. Thank You All, to infinity and beyond!

Roxy and her MUM TerriC

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