Shani Bear

When we decided to get Shani we studied what kind of a dog we wanted.  We wanted to have a boy and girl and have them breed, so we could have puppies later on.  We started looking for a good place to get a Yorkie.  We loved the size of the Yorkie and decided that is what we wanted.

The day that we found Shani, she was the last dog that they had.  My husband put Shani in his jacket and that is where she stayed until we got to the car.  Shani had decided that we were her parents right away.  We fell in love with her.  That night she sleep on my chest looking into my eyes.  LOL

When we got Shani at 12 weeks old she seemed very healthy.  When she was about four months old she started not eating and throwing up white mucus.  I called the breeder and she said that I must not be feeding her right.  I told her I was doing just what she said.  I then took her to the vet and he didn't seem to know what was going on.  He sent me to a specialist and he ran some test's and she had a MRI.  It came back that she had liver shunt.  My vet had not heard about liver shunt, so he decided we should take her to Washington State University,  they had a wonderful vet there.  We had to leave her for a week,   because we didn't have the money at the time to stay for the week.   They let us pay  $25 a month to pay off her vet bill of $800.  I hear they don't do that anymore.  We had fallen in love with her and my husband said we are not going to let her just die.  They were so good there.  The vet tech would call us two times a day to let us know how Shani was doing.  It just killed me to leave her there without us being there to support her.  I kept thinking that she was thinking that we were not coming for her.  Shani had a hard time because they didn't have the loop that they put on the liver shunt to slowly shut the shunt up at that time.  This was almost 13 years ago.  It was a big shock to her body.  After about 6 days the tech vet called and said that Shani should come home.  She was depressed and thought she would do better being with us.   They were wonderful at WSU.  The tech vet stayed with her 24 hours a day.  I thought that was great.

We went and got her,  it was 5 hours away so that made a 10 hour trip.

When we got there the vet tech went and got Shani.  When Shani saw us she started crying and putting up a big fuss to get to us.  The vet tech said he never has saw one dog pick up like she did after seeing us.  Shani smelled so bad, but we didn't care.  She was with us.  We drove back home with her tiny little body in my lap.  I was so thankful to God for allowing us to have her for a much longer time.

Shani has been a very healthy Yorkie since that day.  She has given us so much love and companionship she is the best and the love of our life.  Our very first Yorkie.

Barbara, Dean and Shani Inabnit

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