Sarah’s Sherman


“Sherman was given to me by a breeder that I have already bought two pups from in the past.  She knew he was ill but did not know the cause.  I picked him up on April 26th and wound up at the emergency vet the same day as he was vomiting up roundworms.  She told me he had been de-wormed when he got each of his puppy shots.  Her vet would give me no information because



I did not know Sherman’s mother’s name.  The breeder told me Sherman was born on 11/29/02.


He weighed 2# on 4/26/02 at emergency vet’s.  On May 15th at my vets, he weighed 3#.  He is finally eating food rather than licking up a formula I was giving him.  I was advised by livershunt help-n-chat to feed him a mixture of cottage cheese and Hills SD LD canned food.


I have spent around $500 at the ER and my vet is having testing done and roundworms treated.  All this was put on my credit card… and hopefully I can pay it all off when the bills come due.”


Sherman’s surgery was funded by Terry Shumsky's original group.  I feel bad that the group is not funding surgeries any longer and no longer gives out wonderful information. 



This week marked two months since Sherman had livershunt surgery. Dr Tobias said we might expect his bile acid numbers to come down slowly due to some liver damage done by the shunt before surgery. His pre-surgery numbers were 106 after fasting and 126 after eating. Normal numbers are under 10 and under 20. He had surgery the first week in June. This week, the first week in August, we had his bile acids tests run again. His number for after fasting is down to 7.7 and numbers after eating is down to 12. So, my Sherman now has a normal functioning liver!! I think this is great .


Sherman weighed 3.3 pounds the day of surgery and was having to be force fed more often than not. Immediately after surgery, he began to eat on his own. He now weighs 9+ pounds!!! I am happy to report that Sherman will have a nice life for years and make me very happy.


Sarah & Sherman

Sherman & His Two Brothers

Sarah & Sherman, Dr. Karen Tobias (From U/T) and her assistant

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