I brought Teddi home from the breeder Thanksgiving weekend 2006.  She was a happy puppy and although I had never had a Yorkie before people would say,   "she seems so calm for a Yorkie", "is she a puppy" and "she is so small"; Teddi is maybe 3 lbs soaking wet.   

It was exactly 1 year later Thanksgiving weekend 2007 that I came home from work one day and Teddi's mouth was all wet.  I picked her up and she didn't seem to notice me and I put her down again and she was walking into walls.  I had no idea what was wrong with her (I had never heard of a liver shunt) all I knew was that something was really wrong.  I rushed her to my vet who ran some tests and then told me to go to the emergency pet hospital.  They ran tests and she stayed in the hospital for 3 days so they could stabilize her.  While she was in there I was in contact with other Yorkie owners on a website and several of them recommended that I join the Liver Shunt and MVD Support on Yahoo and for that I am so grateful. 


After I joined the Support Group and filled out the form, immediately I was getting all these e-mails with questions about my surgeon, what food they had given Teddi, what medicine was she on, etc.  I found out the hospital told me to give her the wrong food and I realized that I had no idea if Teddi's surgeon was board certified or what her success rate with LS surgery was.  Someone on the chat group suggested I check out the University of Tennessee in Knoxville for Teddi's surgery.  I had never thought of taking her to another hospital for the surgery - let alone across the country!


Well after hearing all the great things and reading all the information that everyone there had sent to me I decided UT was the best place for me to take Teddi.  Everyone from the group was so helpful, along with Sue at UT, that I felt confident this was the best thing to do so Teddi would end up with the best results. 


Three weeks after Teddi went to the first hospital we left for our Tennessee adventure, on December 11, 2007.  Everyone at UT was wonderful  and her surgery went well with no complications.  They found one shunt that they were able to easily repair.


In February 2008 I took Teddi in to get her bile acids re-tested at my local vet and her numbers were 17.5 before and 27.9 after.  I sent a copy of the results to the doctors at UT and was so happy when I got the message back "GREAT news!!   Teddi's bile acid results are AWESOME.....She is a corrected baby."


I am so thankful to everyone that responded to my questions and I've learned so much!!!  Thank you all for helping Teddi live a long and happy life!! 


(The picture above is Teddi in our hotel room in Tennessee the day before her surgery)


Ronda and Teddi
Manhattan Beach, CA

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