Tootles was rescued from a Puppy Mill in Oct of 2012 when she was 9 months old.  She was very tiny and sickly.  She’d had a reaction to her 4th 5-way shot (yes, they over vaccinate the puppies) and went temporarily blind. 

The breeder released her to National Mill Dog Rescue and I ended up fostering her when her foster family had only one night with her.  She screamed the whole night and they gave her back to the rescue group. 

Yes, she is quite a vocal girl. I have since adopted the little wild one.

She had skin problems (sarcoptic mange was one of them along with allergies) and within 3 months we started seeing symptoms of what turned out to be a liver shunt. 

The rescue’s FaceBook fan page raised money for her surgery which was successful for 2 years.  She had a constrictor placed on what was a very large shunt.  After 2 years she started hiding when it was time to eat and the best guess is that she has acquired shunts. 

Before I found the Liver Shunt aand MVD Support Group, I allowed the vet to do a biopsy which found nothing.  She is doing well on the Liver protocol and screams for her food several times a day. 

It is incredibly hard to find food she’ll eat day to day so having everyone on this group share their stories keeps me sane and her healthy.  I have started her FaceBook page so that she can educate others about puppy mills and tell her liver story.   

Helen and Tootles, 3 yo Maltese, shunt repair and most likely acquired shunt(s) post-surgery

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Tootles Story